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Celebrating Kindness

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Being kind to one another is something we all learn at a young age. As a child, being kind is clear. Share your toys. Say please and thank you. Most importantly, don’t push Timmy off the swing set during recess. As we transition into adult life, kindness can become more difficult to practice. Engulfed in our adult life and responsibilities, most of us are simply trying to make it to work on time, get the kids dressed, and try really hard not to order pizza for the third time this week for dinner. Being kind to others may not be in the forefront of our minds.

During the month of February, HealthStar focused on the 24 ECC of Kindness. What does being kind mean to us? How do we show kindness to each other, our clients, and our friends and family? How can we spread kindness to our community? There is no better month to practice kindness, as February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day after all!

During the month of February, HealthStar employees were tasked with performing a random act of kindness for a stranger. We came together as individual offices to share what acts of kindness we practiced that month. Coffees were purchased for strangers, complements were given, donations to charities were made, and most importantly, many smiles and brightening of days for unsuspecting strangers. Many of us agreed that these random acts of kindness would be something we would continue to practice outside of the 24 ECC activity.

The Corporate office decided to take it one step further. In addition to performing an act of kindness to a stranger, Corporate decided to draw names and perform a random act of kindness for somebody in the office. Although we say “thank you” to each other every day, it was a great opportunity to go outside of our comfort zones and surprise each other with thank you notes, lunches, and the offer to warm up their car on a chilly day.

The major takeaway from this month’s 24 ECC activity is simple: practice kindness everywhere you go. Hold the door open for somebody, offer up your bus seat, and spread complements. Kindness is contagious.