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Person in wheelchair benefiting from skilled nursing servicesWelcome to TRU Healthcare, the trusted provider of skilled nursing services in 29 counties in Minnesota. Our team of dedicated professionals offers compassionate and comprehensive care right in the comfort of your own home. Contact TRU Healthcare online or call 888.689.3391 today and experience our exceptional home health services, including in-home skilled nursing treatment.

Understanding Home Health Services and Skilled Nursing

Home health services are integral to maintaining and improving individuals’ health and well-being. Whether recovering from an illness or injury, managing a chronic condition, or navigating the challenges of aging, the familiarity and comfort of receiving care at home can significantly enhance the quality of life. Sometimes, it’s also about accessibility—our in-home skilled nursing services allow individuals to receive the care they need without leaving their homes, should they be disabled or have difficulty traveling.

Skilled nursing services bring the expertise of medical professionals directly to you, ensuring personalized and comprehensive care tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled nursing team is highly trained and experienced in providing various medical services, so you can stop worrying about the logistics and focus on your health and well-being. Our team’s compassion, dedication, and professionalism set us apart as we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of the individuals in our care.

What Are Skilled Nursing Services? 

Skilled nursing services refer to a wide array of specialized medical care provided by our team of registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). They are highly trained and experienced in delivering various services, which include: 

  • Medication management – Ensuring correct and timely medication intake for adherence to your prescribed treatment plan. 
  • Managing chronic illness flare-ups – Managing acute symptoms from a variety of chronic illnesses and providing education to detect early warning signs of potential recurrences.
  • Wound care – Providing expertise in wound assessment, dressing changes, and infection prevention for optimal healing. 
  • Pain management – Offering appropriate interventions to alleviate discomfort and improve overall well-being. 
  • Bowel and bladder care – Offering dignified assistance with bowel and bladder management. 
  • Ostomy care – Providing expert care for individuals with ostomies, including education, support, and management of ostomy appliances. 
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia care – Providing specialized care ensuring safety, comfort, and dignity. 
  • Lymphedema management – Offering therapeutic interventions to reduce swelling and improve mobility. 

Are you looking for trusted, reliable, and convenient care? Our skilled nursing treatment providers can manage and observe your condition and evaluate your care. A physician often orders skilled nursing visits to assist in recovering from an illness, injury, or other event.  

What to Expect from Our In-Home Skilled Nursing Treatment in Minnesota 

Choosing TRU Healthcare for in-home skilled nursing treatment means choosing the highest level of care and support. Our skilled nursing team collaborates closely with you and your healthcare team to develop a personalized care plan. We prioritize open communication and respect your goals throughout your treatment journey. 

Our skilled nursing professionals regularly visit your home to provide necessary medical care and support. They monitor your condition, administer medications, perform essential procedures, and educate you and your family. We aim to empower you to manage your health effectively and improve your well-being. 

TRU Healthcare and our therapy partners offer in-home therapies to help keep you safe and active in your home. Our therapists will work with you to create individualized goals to get you on the road to recovery with approaches such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. 

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TRU Healthcare is dedicated to providing exceptional skilled nursing services in the comfort of your home. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering personalized, compassionate, and comprehensive care that makes a difference in your life. Experience the benefits of in-home skilled nursing treatment today—contact us online or call 888.689.3391 to learn more and schedule a consultation. Let us be your trusted partner in your health and wellness journey.