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a nurse hugs a patient during Hospice Care servicesTRU Healthcare understands the importance of compassionate and personalized care during life’s most challenging times. Hospice care can be a challenging time for those who need it and their loved ones. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality home hospice care services, ensuring comfort, respect, and dignity for every patient.  

We offer comprehensive hospice care treatment designed to meet the unique needs of you and your loved ones, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support that fosters peace and tranquility. Trust TRU Healthcare to be your partner in hospice care, offering the care you need when and where you need it most. Contact us at 888.689.3391 today for our care services in Minnesota

What Are Hospice Care Services? 

Hospice care services focus on providing comfort and support for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. It is a specialized form of care that aims to enhance the quality of life rather than cure the illness. Hospice care can be provided in various settings, including the patient’s home, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or hospitals. 

Who Can Benefit from Hospice Care? 

Hospice care is beneficial for individuals with a life-limiting illness, such as cancer, heart disease, dementia, or ALS. It is also suitable for those who have exhausted all treatment options and wish to spend their final days in the comfort of their own home. 

Our Care Team 

At TRU Healthcare, our multidisciplinary care team is the heart and soul of our home hospice care services. Comprised of highly experienced and compassionate professionals, our teams work together to ensure every patient receives personalized, comprehensive care that upholds their dignity and enhances their quality of life. 

Each member of our hospice care team plays a vital role in delivering our exceptional hospice care treatment. From our physicians and nurses, who manage pain and other physical symptoms, to our social workers and spiritual counselors, who provide emotional and spiritual support, every team member is committed to supporting patients and their families. 

Our team members include: 

Hospice Physician 

A trained hospice physician provides the care and comfort needed for advanced illness. 

Registered Nurses 

Nurses assess, organize, and implement a personalized care plan, focusing on relieving pain and increasing comfort. 

Social Worker

The social worker provides emotional support and assists with obtaining community resources and making end-of-life decisions.

Spiritual Care Coordinator

A spiritual care coordinator provides emotional, spiritual, or existential support for any faith, or no faith, and can partner with the patient’s clergy.

Hospice Aides 

Hospice Aides provide personal care and hygiene services, light housekeeping, and occasional shopping.


Physical, occupational, and speech therapists can help improve patients’ safety and comfort.


Volunteers provide companionship when it is needed. 

We ensure that every patient receives the care they need by creating an individualized plan that adapts to their changing needs, ensuring they live out their final days in comfort and dignity. 

Our Services 

At TRU Healthcare, we offer a range of hospice care services to meet our patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. These include: 

  • Pain and symptom management using advanced techniques and medications. 
  • Coordination of medical equipment and supplies needed for home care. 
  • Emotional, social, and spiritual support from licensed professionals. 
  • Assistance with daily activities, such as bathing and dressing. 
  • Coordination with community resources for additional support. 

Our hospice care services are available 24/7, providing peace of mind to patients and their families, knowing they can access care whenever needed. Our team is also trained to provide culturally sensitive care to individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

We provide hospice care in a variety of settings: private residences, assisted living communities, nursing homes, or any other place that our patients call home. 

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Contact Us for Hospice Care Services in Minnesota 

At TRU Healthcare, we are committed to providing exceptional hospice care services tailored to your unique needs. Our compassionate team will work with you and your loved ones to create an individualized care plan that ensures comfort, dignity, and peace during life’s most challenging times.  

Contact us at 888.689.3391 or reach out online today for more information about our hospice care services in Minnesota. Let us be your partner in providing compassionate care when it matters most.